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A good dialogue with the users of the sea in general, and the fishermen in particular, is crucial for success with offshore wind.

Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II are the only ones open to offshore wind on the Norwegian continental shelf as of today. The areas were opened in June 2020, and in February 2022 a consultation was sent out on proposals for dividing these two areas. In February 2022, the government also asked the Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) for a task to identify new areas for offshore wind. In September 2023, the government further assigned a task to NVE: To start a strategic impact assessment of three offshore wind areas that may be relevant for opening and tendering in 2025.

The fishing industry has long expressed concern about increased land seizures on the Norwegian continental shelf, while the offshore wind industry wants defined areas for the development of offshore wind farms. Which will provide the scale needed to build a strong Norwegian supplier industry. A good dialogue with the users of the sea in general, and the fishermen in particular, is important, if not decisive, for success.

We believe that the offshore wind industry must build on the experience we have from the oil and gas industry, in order to find solutions. Ideally, Norway can both develop offshore wind to develop new industries and at the same time take care of the fishing industry's needs for areas. Good coexistence is something that must be worked on continuously. As part of the offshore wind industry, we must facilitate good dialogue and meeting places early on. It is through good processes, dialogue, and the necessary clarifications about framework conditions that we can achieve the fastest development of offshore wind on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Principles and manual/guideline for offshore wind and fisheries

In June 2023 Offshore Norge, Norges Fiskarlag, and Fiskebåt presented an agreement on principles for coexistence between offshore wind and fisheries. Read more about the recommendations here: put forward recommendations for coexistence - a manual/guideline and principles that should apply between offshore wind and fisheries.

We have also translated the principles:

Principlee for coexistence

Annual Fish and offshore wind seminars

An element of systematic dialogue is to present the existing knowledge base and ongoing research on the consequences of sea wind for fisheries. That is one of the purposes of our annual fish and offshore wind seminars.

Contact person

Turid Øygard
Manager, coexistence and offshore wind