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Tragic helicopter accident

This is a deeply tragic day.  Our thoughts first and foremost go to the family, friends and colleagues that are affected by this accident at Turøy.
  • The operating company Statoil has mobilised its entire emergency response organisation.
  • We will be available for the companies that now are effected if they request any form of assistance.
  • We will not speculate in what caused the accident.  The most urgent task at hand is to support those who need it and find the cause of the accident.
  • Helicopter safety is absolutely vital for offshore operations.  There has been made great efforts for increased safety regarding helicopter transport, and the numbers of incidents has been reduced greatly through the last years.  It is deeply tragic that we now experience this accident.

Statoil has the following emergency phone numbers regarding this accident:

Next-of-kin: +47 800 500 20

For the media: +47 51 99 19 83

Media inquiries to the Norwegian oil and gas association:

Knut Thorvaldsen, deputy managing director +47 952 99 247

Tommy Hansen, communication director +47 909 58 450