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New management team and structure for Norwegian Oil and Gas administration

Various organisational changes have been made today, 14 October, by the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

A new management team takes office immediately, comprising:

—   Anniken Hauglie, director general

—   Knut Thorvaldsen, deputy director general and director, operations and digital collaboration

—   Torbjørn Giæver Eriksen, director, industry policy and communications

—   Elisabeth Brattebø Fenne, director, organisation and employer policy (acting)

—   Hildegunn Blindheim, director, climate and the environment.

   The purpose of these changes is to improve the ability of the organisation to respond to the challenges facing the industry.

   Those stepping down from the management team will continue to fill various key positions in the administration. Jan Hodneland, who is retiring in 2021, will continue to play a central role until then.

   Erling Kvadsheim takes over a key role for industry policy, while Ralph Daber will lead the digital collaboration part of that department until further clarifications take place.

   Both Tommy Hansen and Randi Skjæveland are moving to new and central positions in the organisation and employer policy department.

   Member companies can continue to deal with their existing contacts at Norwegian Oil and Gas for the time being.