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PHOTO: Kolbjørn Andreassen

Agreement with Industry Energy for land base employees

Norwegian Oil and Gas and the Norwegian Union of Industry and Energy Workers (Industry Energy) have negotiated collective pay settlements for the land bases.

A general rise of NOK 4.00 per hour will apply from 1 June 2022. Adjustments have also been made to minimum pay rates, overtime working, funds paid to unions for educational work and subsistence allowances. In addition, it was agreed to continue committee work on further development of the land base agreements.

The land base agreements fix minimum rates, with actual pay negotiated by the individual company . One day was allocated for the negotiations.

Almost 800 employees are covered by the two land base agreements which were negotiated over. Most of these belong to Industry Energy, while a few are organised in Parat. The agreements are identically worded. The employees work for the following companies.

KCA Deutag Drilling Norge AS, ASCO Norge AS, Coast Center Base AS, CCB Mongstad AS, Helgelandsbase AS, NorSea Group AS, NorSea Property AS, NorSea Logistics AS, NorSea Polarbase AS, Saga Fjordbase AS and Kristiansund Base AS.

See also the overview page for the pay talks 2022.


Kolbjørn Andreassen, communication manager for employer policy and operational conditions, Norwegian Oil and Gas, mobile: +47 952 82 808