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PHOTO: Tommy Ellingsen/Norwegian oil and gas

Pay talks start on 3 May

Negotiations for this year’s collective agreements on pay and conditions reached by Norwegian Oil and Gas begin on 3 May. A number of settlements are due to be pursued over the next few weeks.

Pay talks in 2022 are being conducted on a union-by-union basis, which involves full revision of all collective agreements.

Agreements negotiated by Norwegian Oil and Gas cover some 18 500 unionised workers.

Negotiating timetable

3-4 May           Offshore agreements

11-12 May       Oil service agreements

18 May            Land base agreements

24 May            Onshore agreements

Talks on the offshore and oil service agreements primarily cover workers employed on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

The offshore agreements apply to the operator, drilling and catering companies, and are negotiated with the Norwegian Union of Industry and Energy Workers (IE), the Norwegian Union of Energy Workers (Safe) and the Norwegian Organisation of Managers and Executives (Lederne). Covering workers in oil service companies both offshore and on land, the oil service settlements are reached with the IE and Safe.

Negotiations over the other agreements to which Norwegian Oil and Gas is a party will be pursued in the second half of May – first the land base agreements for personnel at supply bases, and then the onshore agreements covering employees at refineries and processing plants.

These talks are pursued with the IE and Parat for the land base agreements, and with IE and Safe for the onshore agreements.


Kolbjørn Andreassen, communication manager for employer policy and operational conditions, Norwegian Oil and Gas, mobile: +47 952 82 808