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Agreement reached with Lederne

After four hours on overtime, agreement was reached through mediation early on 4 June between the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the Norwegian Organisation of Managers and Executives (Lederne). A possible strike was thereby averted.

“These talks have been very demanding,” says lead negotiator Jan Hodneland at Norwegian Oil and Gas. “But agreement was eventually reached on a financial framework which corresponds with the offer made in the pay talks during May and which has already been awarded to the Norwegian Union of Industry and Energy Workers and the Norwegian Union of Energy Workers (Safe).”

All the unions received the following offer on 8 May: a general raise of NOK 19 700, an increase of NOK 3 in rates for the shift/night/conference supplements, and an increase of NOK 50 in the supplement for public holidays. This offer corresponds with the 3.2 per cent framework set by the agreement with the lead sectors earlier this year.

It was also agreed that discussions will be pursued by the parties up to 30 September 2019 on aspects of the way the intermediate pay negotiations function, local pay talks and committee work related to future new forms of collaboration and operation.