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Photo: Norwegian Oil and Gas/Anne Lise Norheim

EqHub chosen as collaboration solution

Acquiring and sharing information and documentation is an area where the oil and gas industry sees a big potential for cooperation.

After pursuing their own ways of working and communicating requirements for a number of years, all the biggest operators on Norway’s continental shelf (NCS) have now decided to adopt the EqHub service from Norwegian Oil and Gas as their collaboration solution for technical equipment documentation.


Efforts will be made in 2021 to increase the use of EqHub by all relevant players. By adopting common requirements for a single service to cover sharing and reusing information, the initiative now taken by the operators will make another important contribution to simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of expensive and time-consuming document management in the oil and gas sector.

Through EqHub, the industry will obtain:

  • a simpler way to deliver equipment information
  • access to quality-assured and approved product and equipment documentation
  • the opportunity to exchange standard equipment data and documentation which digitalises and simplifies work processes
  • a common information standard which can be re-used between operators and suppliers for projects and operations.

“When the operators are now making a joint commitment to greater collaboration between players on the NCS, it marks an important step towards increased value creation and improved competitiveness in the industry,” says Anniken Hauglie, director general of Norwegian Oil and Gas.

As the biggest operator on the NCS, Equinor will be a significant driver of the EqHub initiative.

“We see a big potential for benefitting from the EqHub service,” says Kari-Anne Bakke, project manager for LCI at that company. “It’ll contribute to more efficient digital work processes and simplify information exchange between companies in the supply chain.”

Norwegian Oil and Gas has been assigned the role of prime mover for EqHub.

“A number of oil and gas companies have been devoting increased attention to digital collaboration in recent years,” observes Yngve Nilsen, who is responsible for material management services in the operations and digital collaboration department at the association.

“EqHub will be a key solution for sharing equipment information across the services we administer.”