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Offshore Norge – and a united Norwegian petroleum industry – views the climate challenge with concern and deep seriousness.

What is the position of Offshore Norge on the Climate challenge?

We support the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change, and want an ambitious international climate treaty.

All reputable forecasts nevertheless show that oil and gas will be key energy sources for the foreseeable future.

That reflects growing energy demand and the fact that renewable sources alone cannot meet these requirements.

We believe that ensuring the lowest possible emissions from the fossil energy which the world needs should be a high-priority climate measure.

What is Offshore Norge doing to reduce greenhouse gas and emissions?

We have launched a joint industry project to enhance energy efficiency.

The oil and gas companies are collaborating with each other here to exchange experience, transfer knowledge and find good ways to implement energy efficiency measures. Encouraging more demonstration and pilot projects for emission-reducing technology is also an aim.

We are working actively with the environmental authorities to secure even better data on methane emissions and to identify possible reductions.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and reducing its emissions could provide first aid for the climate.

Equinor launched a broad collaboration project this summer with General Electric (GE) to develop solutions for reducing emissions from gas turbines.

Such machines represent the main source of greenhouse gas emissions on the NCS today. Even small improvements could yield major reductions.

Ten of the world’s largest oil and gas companies have joined forces in the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative.

They will cooperate on developing technology which can reduce emissions both during production and from the end user. The companies also want to collaborate over carbon capture and storage (CCS).

How does Offshore Norge see the Industry's future from a climate perspective?

An important step will be to put CO2 prices in place – preferably globally, but at least nationally and regionally – which make the most polluting fossil energy sources less profitable. Consumption can thereby be transferred to forms of energy which release less greenhouse gases.

Exploring for, finding and delivering natural gas from Norway to the markets is important for ensuring stable energy supplies in addition to the share met by renewables. Emissions from oil and gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) are 50 per cent below the world average.

Reducing gas deliveries from Norway would not be beneficial for the climate. Natural gas is the solution for combating growth in coal consumption and achieving emission reductions. It is also the perfect partner for renewables, since these sources will jointly reduce coal emissions and provide stable energy supplies.

The NCS will continue to have the world’s lowest CO2 emissions per unit produced. We want to export the technology which makes this possible to other countries.