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The committee on fiscal policy is the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s formal body for dealing with issues related to petroleum taxes and other fiscal frame conditions affecting its members.

Its object is to work for the Norwegian continental shelf to be an attractive and internationally competitive area to invest in, explore for and produce oil and gas.

The committee’s most important responsibilities include:

- the tax system and the level of petroleum taxation

- technical tax issues

- issues related to indirect taxes

- tax policy analyses

- issues related to accounting, auditing and licence economics.

Within the above-mentioned areas, the committee will seek to present the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s industry policy positions on fiscal policy. That calls for necessary cross-policy collaboration with other Norwegian Oil and Gas Association specialist committees.

The target audiences for the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s positions are the Norwegian government, other national and international organisations, and official international bodies.

All Norwegian Oil and Gas Association members in the oil company branch may be represented on the committee on fiscal policy. Representation from the supplier branch is drawn from up to five companies.