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Frequently asked

We have answered some of the recurring questions.

What is offshore wind?

Offshore wind is wind power produced from wind turbines placed at sea. Offshore wind is demarcated from onshore wind, where the wind turbines are placed on land.

We distinguish between floating offshore wind, where the turbines are attached with an anchor, and bottom-fixed offshore wind, where the turbines are permanently mounted on the seabed. Floating sea breeze is applicable where the water depth is great.

Is offshore wind renewable?

Yes, and offshore wind could become a central source of renewable energy throughout the world. The offshore wind industry has all the prerequisites to become a large and important new Norwegian industry, and at the same time contribute to reaching Norwegian and European climate goals.

What about the fishermen?

A good dialogue with the users of the sea in general, and the fishermen in particular, is crucial for success with offshore wind. Offshore Norge is in close dialogue with the fisheries organizations and together we arrange an annual seminar on fish and offshore wind.

Do we have the technology?

Hywind Tampen is a good example of how the industry solves challenges and sees opportunities. As the world's largest floating offshore wind farm, it supplies important electricity to oil and gas platforms. The project will contribute to the further development of floating offshore wind technology, and reduce the costs of future offshore wind farms.

What is the goal?

Build a completely new supplier industry with several thousand industrial workplaces and provide a basis for activity for several decades to come, increase power access to Norway, provide increased security of supply and maintain Norway's position as a net exporter of power, contribute to reaching Norwegian and European climate commitments and ensure a strong Norwegian role in the development of the North Sea network.

What are the challenges of offshore wind?

There are many interests to look after when establishing yourself in the sea. It is therefore particularly important to ensure good coexistence from the very beginning. In addition, it is important that those who receive permission for development take the climate and environment into account.

Contact person

Elizabeth Åsjord Sire
Adviser, Communications