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Goals, strategy and challenges

Read about Offshore Norge's strategy with offshore wind, our goals and challenges.

Strategic objectives, adopted by the board on 26 November 2020.

Work areas under the strategic objectives

  1. We shall contribute to developing a profitable and competitive industry, which is attractive to national and international investors
    1. Fiscal framework conditions and/or support schemes
    2. The concession system
    3. Access to land
    4. Health, working environment and safety, framework
    5. Environmental
    6. Wages and working conditions
  2. We will contribute to creating jobs through the development and production phase of offshore wind facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf, in addition to jobs as a result of exporting offshore wind technology
    1. Emergence of the Norwegian supplier industry
  3. We will contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions nationally and globally - while taking care of nature and the environment in a sustainable way
    1. Electrification of oil and gas installations
    2. Follow up the EU and UK's work with offshore wind
    3. Nature considerations and sustainability
    4. Establishment of infrastructure for power
  4. We shall contribute to coexistence with fisheries and create synergies between business interests in the sea
    1. Coexistence with the fishing industry
    2. Coexistence with other business interests, shipping, petroleum and aquaculture
    3. Synergy between industries

Offshore Norge believes that a targeted Norwegian offshore wind investment can:

  • build a completely new supplier industry with several thousand industrial workplaces and provide a basis for activity for several decades to come
  • increase power access to Norway, provide increased security of supply and maintain Norway's position as a net exporter of power
  • contribute to reaching Norwegian and European climate targets and ensure a strong Norwegian role in the development of the North Sea network

Contact person

Roger Pedersen
Manager, Offshore wind