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Learn about internal organization, the offshore wind forum, and strategy.

Offshore wind department

Offshore Norge, which organizes offshore wind companies on the Norwegian continental shelf, has a separate department for offshore wind.

  • Roger Pedersen, Director Offshore wind
    • Heads the offshore wind department, in addition to being responsible for the offshore wind forum
  • Turid Øygard, Manager, Acreage and exploration
    • Works with questions related to coexistence and area. Responsible, among other things, for the annual fish and offshore wind seminar, leading a working group on coexistence with participants from offshore wind companies, Norges Fiskarlag and Fiskebåt, etc.
  • Elizabeth Åsjord Sire, communications manager
    • Works with offshore wind communication externally and internally, in addition to being responsible for Offshore Norge's social media
  • Andreas Lundgaard Strandskog, fagsjef kraft
    • Works with regulatory issues within infrastructure, and works to solve the challenges related to power demand and access. Head in the forum for power supply.
  • Valborg Øverland Birkenes, Manager, Environment
    • Works and coordinates issues related to offshore wind, regulations, and the environment. Responsible, among other things, for the annual environment and offshore wind seminars and participates in various R&D projects
  • Øystein Joranger, lawyer/specialist head of regulations and strategy
    • Works and coordinates questions related to the HSE regulations for offshore wind. Member of the Regulatory Forum, led by the Petroleum Safety Authority
  • Marita Bjelland Botne, Lawyer/Legal manager
    • Works with questions related to the licensing system, framework conditions, etc
  • Ingerid Elisabeth Jacobsen
    • Lawyer

Contact information can be found here.

Offshore wind forum

Forum for offshore wind was established in September 2019, and the purpose is to "Initiate, implement and follow up joint positions and strategies for the development of renewable offshore energy, including offshore wind power from the Norwegian continental shelf, and shall cover future production, export, and relevant supply chains".

The forum has representatives from offshore wind developers such as Equinor, Mainstream Renewable Power, RWE, Fred. Olsen Seawind, Shell, Seagust, Total Energies, Deep Wind Offshore, Odfjell Ocean Wind, Source Galileo, NorSea Group. In addition, representatives from various supplier companies to offshore wind.

Working groups under the Forum for offshore wind:

The forum establishes its own working groups as needed. We currently have the following working groups:

  • AG Ocean wind and coexistence (together with Norges Fiskarlag, Fiskebåt, Sør-Norges Fiskarlag)
  • AG HMS (HSE) regulation offshore wind
  • AG Environmental regulations and offshore wind
  • AG Hybrid network solutions

Participation in research programs, etc

Offshore Norway participates in a number of research programs:

Contact person

Roger Pedersen
Manager, Offshore wind