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An Offshore Norge arena for experience transfer, learning and collaboration.

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Creating value through collaboration.

API Module for Cash Call and Billing

Transfer of cash calls and billings in digital format between operators and partners of a joint venture.

Authority Communication

Secure and traceable electronic communication between the Norwegian authorities, operators and licensees on the NCS.

Collaboration projects

Operators and suppliers working together to improve performance and reduce costs.

.  Subsea Pool
.  IMR Corporation
.  Digitalisation of Spare Parts Process - SPIR
.  Digital Inventory
.  Recirculation of “hard plastic”
.  In License Data Sharing - ILDS
.  Supplier Competence Registration System


Requests of missing material from other operators through Virtual Inventory without the need for login.

ERA Acute

Relevant visualisation of the output results from the ERA Acute method, such as maps, graphs and tables.


Improved competitiveness and value creation, throuch common documentation requirements from the operators.


Being in compliance with regulatory requirements, through a national database for reporting emissions and discharges from oil and gas activities.


Creating and submitting gas sales tax reports to the Norwegian Tax Authorities.

Guide to Resource Regulations

Searching for legal rules, regulations, guidelines, licensing and agreements related to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy's administrative area.


Consolidated user accounts management and user authentication services across the Collabor8 service portfolio.

Human Rights Assessment Service

Sharing human rights assessments of suppliers in the energy sector.


Translating schedules from commercial planning tools to standard format, readable to other planning tools also equipped with the same interface.

Joint Audit (helicopter)

Facilitating the annual "joint audit" of helicopter operations on the NCS.


Official communication and archiving interaction in the joint ventures on the NCS.

Logistics Development

Efficient transfer of schedule data between different planning tools.


Handling surplus materials in development projects.

Magnet JQS

Efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs.

Security Agreements

Security agreements and security audits on behalf of operators on the NCS.


Sharing production and drilling data with partners and government in compliance with Norwegian regulations.

TIRC - Technical Information Requirement Catalogue

Access to common technical information requirements to help suppliers standardise and industrialise equipment documentation.

Virtual Inventory

Sharing inventory to increase collaboration and reduce cost and delivery time.